Everything has been thoroughly understanding

If you love someone, you never hear the dialogues of love, will be the love of a man. Did you leave really happy?Lonely tears hidden behind it has, or is it because I could not bear you're sad, saddled with too much for you so that you can have some of the loss. When the watch you leave, what should I believe you still love me?

Everything has been thoroughly understanding, be hurt over the heart can still love, vows to me, is a kind of impulsive punishments. When I'm away, is a relief! While you're gone, but you taste what no one heartache helpless.

How listening to good heart closed heart and open shoulders is now embracing the moaning voices desire to continue to write about your day, tip written in strange way back in the Miss Yin Yin. Despite the beautiful lush floating clothes fluttered in the wind, also would like to hold you and the days of weeping.


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