In some cases will be happy to know that words

Like love and own, all happy, surprised, excited no one can share, you would not let anyone know, of course, all the anguish, lonely, fell not only own one taste. But without fear of harm, because in fact, this affair has never started, so no need to fear to fear that one day might end. Precipitation depths are the memories of the years, although not very sweet and romantic, but also not grieved when you break up pain. At the same time, maintain the appropriate distance to each other, won't break the TA perfect image in your heart, not petty at, there are no bad temper, no cold, no quarrels, all good.

In some cases, will be happy to know that words never spoken, because has loved too deeply, not love to feel like two people in line both with one day, so prefer to be friends, after how many years at least met can say hello.If you're really with Ta, Ta does not love one day and left, leaving only a broken heart and don't care for you. If you change to flee, and will have much of an apology.

Secret love for the naive, but how many people can be free? One day wowgold, dapple of Apple fading, suddenly remembered the heart once lived a man, only to find that the best first love turned out to be a torch!


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