Your past my heart beating I can hear it without you

Day hike up snow in the air, cold winter xijuanerlai, but by my side forever have no your figure. For a long time staring at your photo, although the Sun is not that attached to Cheap WOW Gold my youth. But masculine handsome face, languishing eyes still in that year, lingered in my mind. Because the heart can't bear to let you alone remember us who that lingering, because they do not have the heart to you alone have the happy sad. Therefore, I would like to use my whole life silently infatuated, express our love for one another's little emotion. I would like to use my whole life attached to worry about, for we love each other forever no longer residual shanghuai tears.

Your past, my heart beating I can hear it without you, today, my pain I can feel it. How many years of quiet, how long is the time, I am alone alone defended the clarity of the mind. Every night dreams sigh, how can your beauty that I missed in my walking in a hurry. Holding up a Palm white snowflakes, send one page of my sad grief, you drift off into the distance. Left behind is a hint of lonely and sad, your life permanent, perpetual longing, I permanently in your life forever miss, are permanent hold on we love beautiful affection permanent. In a cold cold winter, pure white snow, my heart forever and you to man.

Although our destiny is not a peerless legend, but I would like to use my tenderness tips, writing a letter chapter, I send a page to your deep deep thoughts drifted to the sky. Like, like aerial Xiao Yao fluttering snowflakes slowly shake, beautiful room. Sent me to you quietly tender, full of your heart, your life will never be able to happily ever, your heart will never ever be able to free and joyful. A simple life, as long as your heart will remain as originally, to permanently stationed permanently in my life, I would like to, I would like to know my feelings in the world, forever is in full bloom, most beautiful flowers in full bloom the most beautiful.


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