With the continuous development of Xian in recent years

Locate the train station to test around a bit bleak, is difficult to find a place to have lunch, then found a street-side shops to eat a bowl of noodles, frankly, that really didn't in Xian, delicious, but also expensive. So the more the impression that Beijing's bridge, rice more expensive but it is delicious cheap swtor credits. Later then to Beijing, listening to a old Beijing of Uncle to I said, Beijing locals rarely business, Beijing people is arrogant, but gaobuchengdibujiu of people more, in Beijing opened restaurant, and restaurant and business of people most from outsiders, money are was outsiders earned go has, I this only know why Beijing of surface is not is delicious of sake, because also may do surface of is South people, may to survival to Beijing is to sold to meet North of taste of meals, results on such channeling has taste, eat finished Hou left no fewer than good impression, more alone aftertaste has And really not as good as authentic Plain Noodles Shanghai Street.

With the continuous development of Xian in recent years, and try my best to do environmental protection, Xian and the sky is more and more seen, although there are many unhappy to be regulation, but really to the good development and advancement, and see Xian have today, one day will be like winter day in Beijing, blue and clear.


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