Walking in the winter of Wenzhou suburb

Wenzhou suburb has many smaller towns. Is still the old pattern of innumerable alley connecting every home in the town. Outsiders came into town is easy to get lost World Of Warcraft Gold, all cross lanes so people can't tell North. Town has shops, farms. Without exception, every home dog. These dogs were only at night until the pieces of bark a few, days are rarely respond to outsiders. Is when they are most active during the day under the winter accompanied them kindly old masters enjoy the winter sun bathing. Or on the street, or roadway, or in front of their own.Alternating smoke rise in the small town of curl upwards. Is warm in winter, and melted. Lost in light wind, silence recorded nature's seasons, records the falling of the Wenzhou silence and bustling.
Wenzhou bridge a lot, whether it is a wooden or stone bridge, are very delicate. Water under the bridge is always tranquil. Winter for them, there is nothing much changes, small fish, shrimp emerge from time to time at the Sun daze. Occasionally pedestrians on the bridge to let them in for a surprise. "THUMP" submerged inlet with a late, leaving ripples.
Walking in the winter of Wenzhou suburb, getting to like this strange city, because the mountains here, because the water here, because here the sky. So, I have drunk, drunk in the winter of Wenzhou, drunk during the winter of Wenzhou.


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