Some finely broken pieces of memory from the dim

Everyone in his speech that a belongs to own a long movie, every one in his speech, one belonging to the supporting actor movie, every one with hot blood to a lot of life long, everybody's feelings mixed sketches with our lives.

Some finely broken pieces of memory from the Dim light of unknown, with eyes full of sadness in human decidual slowly out of the nucleus. What is trembling in the atrial free, slowly drifting out of sight, like a thorn grows in veins of seed, suddenly took root, prick skin grieved. Fight fight grief, disappeared after the low tides in the world of light and shadow slowly calm. So sad to watch the world attributed to quiet.

I'm not a woman of quiet, it is not the long walks in the crowd. Have long been is so contradictory, like in the night time, standing on the balcony to watch those red flower and Green Willow Street, like under the neon lights, a thin edge of the road occasionally flying vehicle, rushed time keeping a light shuttle. When the color loses all color, like the original. I'm still me, does not increase not decrease. Just in time changes, my heart is a little bit of not so naive. If not the world, I think I will be a gentle woman, such as water. In the last days, I live in the heart.


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